Just a short note today, but an article on mountain biodiversity triggered a thought in my mind that I wanted to share. Each nation has a right to, but is also independently responsible for its mountains. Mountains are part of this earth and part of this biosphere so their preservation is critical to the longevity and prosperity of all humans. So even while each country has sovereign responsibility for its mountains and other bioscapes, the mere fact that they lie within its borders is not sufficient to grant that country independent sovereignty over those natural resources.

The world belongs to all people and all living things. However, it was only until the last 100 years or so that humans have gained the ability to destroy what belongs to all. So while in the past physical occupation was sufficient justification to do whatever one saw fit with the land inside their borders, it is now no longer possible to make that claim in good conscience. What one does to itself, it does to all and this is no longer belief, but scientifically supported fact.