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January 2016

More Heroes For Me!

Source: Bridie O’Donnell takes UCI world hour record with a carefully paced 46.882 kilometres | Ella


Look! Another world record set by another amateur over 40!

Chasing dreams is all about believing it’s possible. Believing it’s possible is all about finding people like you that prove it can be done.

Congrats to Bridie.


Who is ko-Rilakkuma?

Who is ko-Rilakkuma? S/he is a little white baby bear who appeared out of nowhere

Rilakkuma is a character like Hello Kitty and the San Rio animals. His name is a contraction of “relax” and the Japanese word for bear. He and all his friends have a back story, personality, and a mountain of themed merchandise.

This was the upholstery on the chairs on the bus I rode to work. Isn’t it disgustingly cute? I love it! This is why I love Japan!


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Stealth Sexism in Sports| ACTIVE

Sometimes a cyclist’s eyes are bigger than his or her legs. How many centuries can you realistically prepare for in a season?

Source: How Many Centuries Can I Ride This Year? | ACTIVE

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Source: When to get a massage | Ella



知らなかったから知るために出向いた。最初は良かったが、すぐにオーバーで怪我をしてしまった。ロッス師匠と共に働いているPhilamassagesExcel Physical Therapy、にはとても助かったが、とても大変だった。多分こんな経験をしたからこそいまだに身体のケアーに非常に細かい。

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My Experience With Massage

Source: When to get a massage | Ella

My relationship with endurance sports started in 2010 with my divorce. I needed something to works towards to keep my sanity during the three-year ordeal and my friend’s words to me threw a switch inside my head:

Do you have any idea how far outside the city you can get if you run for three hours?

I didn’t know, which is why I set out to find the answer. At the beginning I did well, but soon I found myself suffering from overuse injuries. I worked with coach Ross Martinson and his partners at Philamassages and Excel Physical Therapy. Perhaps it was this early experience that put me so in tune with the care and maintenance of my body, but I like to believe I had always made it a priority.

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In Japanese there is a word yoyu which means something akin to “wiggle room,” or “having extra leftover.” You might use it to compliment someone’s riding:

“You climbed that hill with yoyu!”

or to express concern for your budget:

“I never have any yoyu at the end of the month.”

Yoyu is critical to maintaining happiness and composure on your path. Whether you are trying to achieve peak performance as an athlete (me!), or just trying to make it from one day to the next amidst the various demands of work, social life, personal health, family, bills etc (also me), protecting your yoyu can be the difference between achieving your goals and crashing in a blaze of terrific splendor somewhere midway.

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Resilient and Sustainable Bartering Communities

The idea for a bartering community came about as a result of my increasing suspicion that the Capitalist Economy was no longer serving its purpose of bringing increasing wealth and prosperity to all its members. More and more I was seeing examples of perfectly capable human beings becoming homeless, hungry or otherwise impoverished because the economy didn’t value their skills. When going shopping, it seemed that I could spend more time searching for the right product on the market than it would take me to build the thing I wanted from scratch, or from bits and pieces of things I had lying about. The final clincher was my realization that money itself destroys the Stuff which humans thrive on — interdependence, intimacy, vulnerability and community. All of these problems simply vanish if we have as people a means to coordinate our activities that is independent of political jostling, deceptive marketing, and an increasingly tenuous network of anonymous actors, each one motivated only as far as his paycheck will stretch, who collectively form the labor force and supply us with all that we consume.

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