I think it’s really important for people to find a community and serve it sincerely. I think it helps us be better people to see that our talents are helpful to others and to give them freely and without expectation of a reward. Of course, I also think that the rewards will flow as freely as we give.A Modern Snowman

One of the ways I give is by spending an hour or so every week moderating the forums at Measurection.com. This community is designed for men who are fighting with all kinds of social anxieties, but it focuses primarily on men trying to come to terms with a disappointing endowment. There are a few women who participate in the forums and many gay and bisexuals, too. It’s a safe space for people to anonymously discuss their difficulties and to receive support from others who understand and who have been there, or are still there.

I would like places like this forum to become more available to people in their real lives. I realize that personal shame is difficult to share by its very nature, but I hope that in some ways my actions contribute to a world where fear of rejection for being ourselves is no longer a fact of daily life.