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November 2015

The Pain Cave?

Source: Digging into the Pain Cave – the psychology of suffering, Part 2 | Ella

Found this series of articles on Ella, Australian cycling website devoted to the more graceful gender. I wanted to comment directly, but their authentication system is too cumbersome (Disqus AND email verification? Next they’re going to send me a differential equation displayed in CAPTCHA). Instead, I’ll just add my thoughts here! Continue reading “The Pain Cave?”

Her(o)s of All Kinds

Source: Carol Cooke – Becoming an Elite Para Cyclist – Part 1

I ‘ll admit, I’m scared to death of what I’m trying to do. In a way, if my regular life wasn’t already killing me, I might not have had the courage to even try.

But the best way to deal with fear is to prove to yourself that you’re not alone, others have come before you and succeeded, you, too, can achieve the impossible.

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Went and found me another her(o)

Heros of days past

Source: Beyond fitness: What it takes for a world hour record attempt | Ella

In my attempt to do something extraordinary, I often need to remind myself that while it may not be ordinary, it’s definitely possible. People like Leontien van Moorsel, Maryka Sennema, “Iron Sally,” Molly Shaffer Van Houweling, and now Bridie O’Donnell, these women are my heros. They are all doing what I want to do.

…what I am doing.

Sun on My Face

I’ve been hit with quite a bit of negativity lately. Particularly, as a female cyclist, it’s been hard.

I wanted to write a post about how I left a group of cyclists who were nothing but piss and posing and misogyny. I wanted to write about how Specialized let me down hard with their new products made for the growing waistlines of professional cyclists (hint: that’s tongue in cheek).

I wanted to complain and to vent.

But this morning on the way to work, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds for the first time in a week. My commuter baby Pikuro, with her stylish new, but heavy wheels, felt surprisingly speedy, even after a hard workout the day before. We were majorly on top of our bunny hopping game.

After lunch, even as I was walking back to my hole in the corner office, I felt the warm sun on my cheeks in this otherwise chilly autumn day.

And I thought to myself, why would anyone focus on the negative when they could ride bikes in the sunshine? How can someone be dissatisfied with their life when there is so much glory raining down on us?

And so, today I have only these words for you.

Go ride your bike!



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A Brilliant New Perspective

President Obama, in an unprecedented move to protect the earth’s ecosystem at the expense of big business, rejected a request to build a pipeline connecting Canada’s tar sands to oil refineries in Texas.

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辛い言葉・Painful Words











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