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I’ve read stories about this woman, Evelyn or something, who made this “amazing transition” from high powered business woman on Wallstreet to top level athlete with now Boehls-Dolman (or however you spell that). She bought her first bike in 2008 and trained at home on the turbo “every night” for a year, debuting in 2009 and winning the US time trial championship in 2010.

…or something like that.

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More Heroes For Me!

Source: Bridie O’Donnell takes UCI world hour record with a carefully paced 46.882 kilometres | Ella


Look! Another world record set by another amateur over 40!

Chasing dreams is all about believing it’s possible. Believing it’s possible is all about finding people like you that prove it can be done.

Congrats to Bridie.

Went and found me another her(o)

Heros of days past

Source: Beyond fitness: What it takes for a world hour record attempt | Ella

In my attempt to do something extraordinary, I often need to remind myself that while it may not be ordinary, it’s definitely possible. People like Leontien van Moorsel, Maryka Sennema, “Iron Sally,” Molly Shaffer Van Houweling, and now Bridie O’Donnell, these women are my heros. They are all doing what I want to do.

…what I am doing.

A Little Girl Discovers a Hero

I’ve been looking for a female role model for years. I think I found one.

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