I went for a bike fitting at Specialized Shinjuku yesterday. I’ve been struggling with saddles for so long that I decided it was time to pay the cash and get a professional, personalized opinion.

The Body Geometry fit did not dissappoint! My fitter, Kie, was nothing but fun and smiles and we spent an entire day together. From the initial interview, through a complete body assessment, and down to millimeter level adjustments in my setup, we ended up spending over six hours and 30 kilometers on the trainer together. I was told that this was only a moderate session and that longer, more intense ones are not unheard of.

I figured a fit would feel nice. I did not expect that returning to my old position would feel gross! We adjusted my stem by 1cm and 2 degrees and when, for comparison, I asked to feel the original position again I couldn’t tolerate it!

I also settled on a new saddle: the Power expert in white at 155mm. I tried 3 saddles in 2 widths, including a women’s saddle. When I sat on something that didn’t support me, Kie, my fitter, showed me a video of my backside wobbling all over the place. 

BTW, I’m a women’s S/XS in most brands and my butt looks enormous on a bike. Just saying.


When we went to return my old stem to the bike we noticed something terrible. The inside of Kookaburra’s stem was shredded. That is to say the carbon on the fork column had begun to fray where the stem bolted on. The Specialized mechanic deemed it unsafe to ride as a hard brake could break the bars right off. Kookaburra isn’t a year old and the fork is an expensive repair.

Even though he’s my baby, Kie seemed more distraught than I was. She was said that my baby, the first named bicycle she ever met, was hurt and kept beating herself up for not being more careful in the fitting. I ended up consoling her instead. After all, she hadn’t damaged him, it was most likely a production defect.

Since I had promised to purchase all my new bike parts at YOUCAN, I left with only (shh!) A pair of new inserts and a prescription for a new saddle and stem. I rode home gingerly, and happily. After all I had just spent 8 hours and ¥25,000 playing with my bike! And with another girl-biker to boot!