Omg! I just realized why this chamois is called a MiG!

This post is really more a follow-up than its own entity. Yesterday I took the new chamois out for a 120 km ride through some damn beautiful mountains, my butt seated securely on the Arione Donna of previous mention. I was good for about 40 km, but then the wiggle set in.

The route was 2-4% grade for most of the first 50 km, with a sudden jump up to 9% in the last 16 km of the climb (thankfully not ALL sixteen of them were that steep). With no room to relax and coast, and with the extreme steepness at the peak, I was forward in my saddle and really digging in for over an hour solid.

My labia hate me today. Peeing hurt and I’m pretty sure my right lip is bruised and swollen today. I hate to say it but even this awesome pad can’t salvage the Fi’zi:k saddle. Thanks for trying, guys. Come back when you grow a vaj.