Pardon my uncharacteristic rant here, but Apple, what the fuck were you thinking when you made your office series with its “numbers” spreadsheet?

  • It automatically reformats files into its proprietary .numbers extension. You have to go through three menus to save in another format even if that was the original format
  • After 30 minutes of searching help files and online forums, I still can’t figure out how to make it auto fill in an ordered list like excel has been doing for twenty years.
  • Because humans are obviously too stupid to know what they meant to type, Apple’s numbers will auto correct your typing AND your cell formatting to match what you typed before, or whatever it feels like matching. If you try to mass reformat a column, it will apply the new formatting to whatever it autocorrected, not to what you originally typed, making your formulas and data subject to whatever the fuck apple feels like.
  • If you try to type a formula a little popup box automatically shows up and steals your cursor. If you want to apply your formula to multiple cells, you have to stop typing and highlight the cells and then reclick the box and finish typing. It’s maddening and stupid and takes me over four times as long to type a simple summation.

For years I’ve been wishing Windows would get its shit together and put out some reliable products the way Apple does (did?), but now I’m convinced you’re all just motherfucking morons. I’m so done with you. Get what you pay for? Fuck you. I’m going Linux.