I am full of fire. Full of fear. Full of life.

I am a beacon of hope and light to all those around me. I fight the fight against death. I fight to live and to breathe. I fight for beauty and for joy.

I am alive with beauty. I am alive with passion. I walk. From my skin emanates a fire that can not be put out. Burn with me.

To see me is to burn. To touch me is to burn. You cannot touch me without my fire spreading to your skin and setting you alight.

See me. Touch me. Feel me burn.

I am alive with passion.

I will not be crushed by the cold metal of civilization. I will not be bound by rules or propriety. I will not be tame.

You cannot tame me.

I am alive with fire. I burn with the passion of all that is living.

My heart screams, piercing like the call of the eagle. It pierces through my chest. It cuts through the thick, layer upon layer of insulation that protects me from the cold outside. It tears through me and it opens me

And from the wound bursts forth my fire.

I am alive. You cannot conquer me. I know no fear of death. There is nothing that is impossible to me.

Give me one life. Give me two lives. Give me a thousand lives for all the mistakes I will make. Still I charge ahead. Freedom is what stands before me. Far in the distance, I can see it on the horizon.

I am a beast of fire and I lead the stampede.

Run with me. Run with me and burn for fire is the only defense against death.