Today was my second chance to ride with Thunder. I’m blown away yet again.

Compared to my first ride (which you can read about here), this one was emotionally much more tame. It also involved much more mad laughter.

It happened to me over and over again. He would lead me up some beastly climb. I would sweat and pant and growl. On occasion I caught myself actually drooling from concentration and exertion. Once I thought I was going to puke. Then the road would flatten out. The steep hills would soften and we would reach the summit. Before I knew it I was cackling with wanton joy; laughing like a madwoman escaped from her confines.

Thunder laughed, too. I was howling my way up a 17% grade and he starts to laugh at me. “Do you laugh at my exertion?” I asked. “No, I laugh because I’m having fun.”


It was a day spent in communion of holy Sickness.


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