It’s been two days since I’ve ridden Pikuro. My legs were trashed. They were so sore and tight that it hurt to lay face down on my bed. That’s probably a sign that I should have stretched them out better, but exhaustion took over.

Last night as I was laying in bed to sleep I started imagining myself doing jack knife turns with smooth ease on Pikuro. It was an odd image since they are more a mountain bike thing, but Pikuro and I have a bond. Jack knifes became drop offs, and log hops, and bunny hops. Then there were wheelies and that thing where you climb onto a stair that’s really tall. When I woke up in the morning I wanted to ride so badly that it hurt, but my legs are still trashed.

I settled on a gentle ride to work. It’s gotten a lot warmer now and I can ride in short sleeves finally. It means I have a lot more control over my pace during a ride, too, since I don’t have to adjust for the wind/layering/body heat combo lag to balance out.

Just two comments on today’s commute.

  1. I found another road cyclist (good weather cyclists!) and decided to pace him along the main stretch of road from my ‘hood to the city. After a single stop light I couldn’t handle his slow pace and I burned him. He didn’t catch up to me for another six kilometers where I was waiting for the light to cross onto the river path.
  2. I spied myself in the rear window of a car while pedaling up the steepest hill of the route. Out of the saddle, thighs flexing, head ducked down in attack position — I am a beast! I exclaimed to myself I am one mother-fucking-sexy BEAST of a cyclist! How dare those boys suggest I’m not strong enough! How dare any one suggest I can’t tear up the roads and burn it on my baby-girl! I will take them on!
    2a. I spied myself in a shop window later and I noticed I have some really sexy thighs. Not quite the same flavor, but I’m proud to be a strong, beast of a cyclist, even when I’m displaying my sexy thighs.