Dear Mate,

You live a small life. It’s not that I have anything against you, on the contrary I wish you the most extraordinary happiness. It’s just that you and I do not get along and the reason is that the boundaries of your tiny world suffocate me.

To be certain, excelling at your job is a commendable goal. The time and effort you devote to courting your girlfriend, and your determination to marry her properly, cannot be faulted. You are well dressed, punctual, charismatic, and stifling.

Has it never occurred to you to dream? To dare? To adventure? Have you never stood before the swirling, screaming, horizon swallowing, towering wall of a sandstorm and chosen, rather than to take sensible shelter, to push forward through the rage to test your own strength and discover what exists on the other side?

Is the praise from your Sempais and colleagues truly what your heart yearns for, taking pleasure in your own casual humility as you pretend that you don’t revel in their compliments? Or would you be willing to defy them in pursuit of a more complete knowledge? Does the commitment of your woman make you feel safe, even as you allow her to harness your masculinity and corrall you in her bed? Do you no longer remember the fiery heat of unbridled, hungry passion?

Mate, you live a small life. Everything you have chosen for yourself you have mastered with impeccable skill, and yet, in the face of all that there is and all that is yet to be discovered in the world, you have indeed staked out a very tiny plot. You guard it fiercely from me like a shepherd guards against wolves in the night, but be at ease. I don’t want your narrow space. I am simply standing here at the gate, inviting you out into the wild open, where there are storms that could batter you into pieces, and love that could glue you back together more vibrant than when you started out.

I am simply inviting you to live.