I’m sick with a cold again. Actually it’s a sinus infection, but whatever. I pushed through three hours of lecture and dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and the end result is I have no voice today.

If you ride your bike, everything will be better. 自転車で走りさえすれば、人生の何でも良くなる。

Knowing this to be true all the way down to my bone marrow, I tried three times to take Pikuro out this morning, ultimately failing. The reason is that Pikuro and I have discovered speed and I am no longer able to ride her lazily or slowly. The speed just happens. I’m ok with this; I’m thrilled with this, in fact. However, with my body wracked with fever, my face heavy like someone stuffed my nose holes full of lead up to my eyeballs, and my legs as slippery and liquid inside as barely not melted butter, I knew that Pikuro and I would not be able to play well today. We would try, but the weakness in my body would just knock me out before I reached the top of the river bank.

What to do? What to do? I wanted to play on my bicycles, but my body wasn’t cooperating. Solution? Carbon fiber, XC racing, tubeless, 29″, full rigid Chamerion to the rescue! I recently put her flat pedals back on so she is in 100% play mode, too.

Once I picked my bike, the next choice was destination. I knew the mountains had to be off limits despite the gorgeous sunshine and perfect trail conditions — I would just hurt myself with my butter legs. But where to? The idea of running errands on my carbon race bike just punctured my heart. I needed to play, but I needed to keep the intensity down.

So, here I am at a cafe in the local mall, sipping a latte and making a point not to accomplish anything. The thing with Chammie is that she just plays all by herself. I just happen to be along for the ride. All I needed to do was give her some space and not crowd her energy out with Adult-like notions of getting anything done. Because, the reality is, I don’t like being an adult. It’s done nothing for me and only made me feel guilty for wanting to go out and play.

I mean, what is the point of being alive, after all, if growing up means you’re not allowed to play anymore? Give me my toys, ideally give them to me in carbon, and give me my wide open spaces! I have some trails to destroy, some air to catch, and some serious speed to produce! And keep your silly notions of responsibility to yourself.

The playing will be had!