Today was the first day of classes. It’s the university policy to spend the first class divided into two equal introductory sessions. I usually spend the time going over the syllabus, talking about me and my philosophies, and getting a feel for my students.

Today, I had fun! I actually had fun hanging out with a bunch of college kids talking about work that we will both have to do together! I consider this a level up at life:

  • Level 1: Has job that can pay bills. Actually pays bills.
  • Level 2: Maintains a social life in addition to job and bill paying. Enjoys social life.
  • Level 3: Acknowledges that work exists to support social life, not other way around.
  • Level 4: Recognizes Happy when it happens, both at work and outside.
  • Level 5: Has fun at work.

Work life balance is a thing that relies on the assumption that work and life have to occur simultaneously and separately from each other. But the true master of life has fun all the fucking time, even at work.

I’m sure there are more levels. I just haven’t reached them yet. I’ll let you know when I find out what the next one is!