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April 6, 2015


Holy shit, I know why women are smaller than men despite our species being the most cooperative mammals on the planet! It’s all in the tits!

Literally. Imagine this scenario. A foraging tribe has a bunch of pregnant or nursing mothers who are all, in their non-tit-engagedstate, on average equal in body mass to the tribe’s males. These women need to consume  (a modern recommendation of) 500 more calories per day to maintain their weight while the child develops. That means they would need to consume the ancient equivalent of 2300 to 2800 calories. But, if women weren’t man sized, that total adds up to just 2000-2500 calories — exactly the amount required to maintain a healthy adult male.

Human sexual dimorphism isn’t a result of males needing to bleet and grunt and smash their way to reproductive success at all. That theory contradicts entirely everything else we know about human sexual physiology. The dimorphism is actually a direct result of the fierce egalitarianism of ancient humans. Most adult females were pregnant or nursing at any given time in their lives. Therefore they devoloped smaller bodies in order to match their caloric needs to the men. It isn’t aggression that causes the difference, but cooperation.

Isn’t the world happier for that knowledge?

In Need of Hope

I just watched this interview of Edward Snowden by John Oliver. Two comments:

1.) How is it that we have gotten so deep into this mess? It’s not that we haven’t known or cared about the dangers of government intrusion in our lives, but why is it that that hasn’t been enough to protect us? It frightens me to no end.
2.) John Oliver is a teaching genius. It’s not about whether you are correct or accurate, it’s about whether or not you get your message across. And you know what? Dick pics.

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