Okra Blossom
An Okra Blossom, by Ramon F Velasquez

Okra is a delicious little plant. It’s tiny, thumb sized, in fact. They look like little people wearing little green hats and they’re fuzzy all over. When you cut open an okra fruit it is sticky and sappy on the inside. Boil it slightly and the outer skin softens just enough that when you bite down on one it makes a pleasant “pakki!” feeling against your teeth. The fuzzy outside feels rough on your tongue, like sandpaper that melts in your mouth.

Inside there are little round seeds. Coated in the sticky sap of the fruit, they pop into your mouth as you bite down. Smooth and silky they contrast against the roughness of the outer skin.

Okra fruit by Riyaz Ahamed

Okra is a delicious little plant. The chance to eat a fresh bite of okra fills me with energy and excitement. Even my eyes open a little wider at the thought.

Okra. A delicious little plant.