My letter to the Manassas Police Department as they try to protect a child from being used to make child porn by MAKING MORE CHILD PORN. It’s all sick.


Are you guys shitting me?

Is all this stuff I read true?

You people are sick. You are sick motherfuckers (childfuckers?).

I bet you think that this is ok because he broke a law, so he’s a criminal. So you don’t have to respect him as a human. You don’t have to think about the trauma you are causing on a real living breathing human being. You don’t have to think about if what you are doing is right because, hell, you have the law on your side, right? You got your job and your authority through Hard Work and Sweat, so you deserve this power, right? You don’t have to second guess yourself! You don’t have to ask yourself if you ever sent a picture of your junk to anyone. You don’t have to ask yourself if it’s ok to take over someone else’s body and use it however you feel like because, hell, you’re law enforcement, right?

Now that I think about it, you sound like a bunch of fucking rapists.

Have a miserable day,