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July 9, 2014

Protect the Children!

My letter to the Manassas Police Department as they try to protect a child from being used to make child porn by MAKING MORE CHILD PORN. It’s all sick.

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Are We Beyond Salvation?

Maybe it’s the fact that in today’s world media comments on media in an endless incestual spiral of ever more flamboyantly inflamed emotions, or maybe there is something real going on, but it seems to me that every time I read about the state of America today someone bemoans the rise in sexual discrimination, increasing barriers to sexual and reproductive health for women, increasing nit-picking of organized religions, growing income inequality, growing national debt, ever more rapidly deteriorating global ecosystem…

I often wonder to myself, is the world itself already plunging in a deadly headspin towards unsalvageable disaster? Or is it just the language of the social viral that makes everything seem this way? When organizations like the ACLU start using this kind of language, I tend to lean in the direction of thinking that perhaps it really is true.

It’s been years that I have longed for the failure of my country. Am I unpatriotic? Perhaps. This year I celebrated Independence Day abroad. I worked that day. My acknowledgment of my country’s grand achievement manifest itself in a brief comment I made to a co worker: every year on July Fourth I celebrate the idea that our country was supposed to represent. I celebrate it and I mourn its passing. America is no more the bastion of Freedom and Human Integrity that it once strove to become than the bloated and twisted cells that form a malignant tumor are the heart, the lung, the stomach that they breed on.

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