Actually, a request, rather.

A Modern Snowman
Gratuitous Image of Phallacy

I moderate a forum called Measurection. It’s an online safe place for men to discuss their concerns about sex, their bodies, their relationships. Many of these men suffer from body dismorphia, believing their penises are too small or too thin to ever be satisfying to a woman (or man). As a result, they often avoid starting new relationships, sabotage their existing ones, and worse, fear that they will spend their lives unloved and unwanted.

Compounding their problem is the fact that the information available about women and sex is primarily mainstream media and porn. What they learn is that women are shallow and fickle, caring only about how her partner ranks in the herd of other males and how much status he can give her. They learn that women only like big fat dicks and the beautiful one’s would never think twice about giving someone as pathetic as themselves a chance. It’s a sad picture of the world.

So I am requesting to my female readership that you come and visit this site and add your thoughts. These men need to hear from real women both to set their minds at ease and to set the record straight. Many of my readers, my self included, are active feminists. We spend much of our energy screaming out into the void and our words fall on dead ears. These men want to hear from us. They want to know the truth. Many say that the truth hurts. In this case, however, the truth is so much more beautiful than the stories they’ve been told and we serve all our interests to share it with them.If you are willing to help, please follow this link to create a profile, and this link to the forum dedicated to all things female. We all appreciate your contribution!