This morning, in the wee hours, I had an epiphany. I’m an academic, so having epiphanies is my job.

So this epiphany was about women and their centuries-old systematic dehumanization and erasure from public memory.

And I thought: the Standard Narrative says that the balance of power rests on women rejecting men’s sexual advances.

But what if we stopped saying no? What if we turned the whole system on its head by saying “yes, Yes, YES!”

We have birth control.

We have jobs.

We have condoms, doctors and antibiotics.

We have a movement to reclaim the word “slut”.

What’s stopping us?

So men go about proving their masculinity by conquesting us. Ok, so what if we took away the challenge? Not much of a conquest if we just say yes all the time.

So men get jealous of other men because they think their prized females are at risk, and they turn that jealousy into aggression against us. So what if we just had sex with everybody? Can’t be jealous of something you don’t have if… well, if you have it, right?

What about marriage and familial stability? An extra-marital affair doesn’t mean anything if you were banging the neighbor before you got married, too. No worry about illegitimate children because we have birth control.

And honestly, are any of you actually less affectionate towards people you fuck than people you don’t?